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Macuha Art Gallery – How it all started…

My interest in visual arts started back in the year 2000 when I was assigned in Batangas City, Philippines for a Gas Plant project and I briefly stayed with my wife’s uncle, Mr. Virgiliio G. Cuizon, Art Impresario and owner of KUNST Art Gallery, We fondly call him Ninong Ver. At that time, Ninong Ver introduced me to Filipino visual arts thru their artworks, art history and stories.  I can proudly say that Ninong Ver has influenced me and triggered my passion for arts.  During that time, since I was just starting my career as a Communication Engineer, I could not afford any art work.

Virgilio-Cuizon-Macuha Art Gallery

On August 2013, I finally got my first artwork! Thru the generosity of Ninong Ver, I was fortunate to own an artwork of the famous Rene Robles, Father of Assertionism.  It was the “Composition XXXIV”, Acrylic on Canvas 36inx36in. The artwork was published in a book entitled “Rene Robles Compilation” authored by Alice Guillermo, Eric Torres and Cid Reyes and published in 2011. A big leap for a starter!  Also had my first nude artwork of Rene Robles entitled “Shake” Pastel on Paper 19inx25in. It was published in a book “Capturing the Nude” by Lisa Ito and Beatriz Robles published in 2012. From thereon, the passion for art has sparked!


Aris-Bagtas-Macuha Art GalleryMr. Virgilio Cuizon also introduced me to Mr. Aris Bagtas, the Genius of his Generation, an artist from Obando, Bulacan and also from KUNST Art Gallery.  His genius and artistic hands crafted my first abstract expressionism “Prosperity Rings” Acrylic on Canvas 48inx96in.  This artwork has been the centerpiece of our living room.  I believe this artwork really brought us prosperity.


Bill-Perez-Macuha Art Gallery

I also met Mr. Bill Perez, also from KUNST Gallery and a member of Batangas City Cultural Affairs Committee. He taught me a lot, on Filipino artists, art provenance, and the future in visual arts.  We were joking on putting up my own  art gallery. Then the concept of Macuha Art Gallery was born.

Along the years, my family and I met and made friends with several Filipino artists.  We even made it to a point to go their hometown as part of our family out of town trips. My wife, Stephanie Yvette, and my children, Jae Jewel and Joshua Yvette, even showed interest in visual arts and supported my passion for visual arts. Stephanie Yvette now shares my passion and even have her favorite artist and picks her own pieces.  My daughter, Joshua Yvette, has painted several artworks. She is mentored by Sam Galvez Lorenzo, artist and owner of Village Art Gallery.

Macuha Family - Macuha Art Gallery

All the artworks displayed on this site are our personal collection.  We want to showcase our art collection so we can share the experience and appreciation for visual arts with our family and friends, colleagues and to the world. With this site, we can promote and display the talent of the Filipino artist to the world.  We can say Filipinism – What Makes Art Filipino.