Andy Cubi Collection

Andy Cubi “The Romantic Realist”

by Jennifer Bichara

Filipino artist, Andy Cubi has a natural artistic ability full of observation and realism.

He is a romantic realist painter with an extensive use of color variations, articulate use of light and shadow with breathtaking realism, reflection and life.

It is through his unique arrangement and depiction of the subject matter that he achieves an idiosyncratic style by portraying beauty and solitude.

His works demonstrates his tendency to capture the figure from all angles and to place the figure in shallow space, allowing her contours to produce the strong linear design that balances the picture.

Realist realism seeks accuracy and specificity while romantic realism seeks personal expression of values, imbuing art with feelings for ideas that the artist holds passionately about life and humanity; thus, infusing the work with a glowing emotional essence.

Drawing the female figure tells a story that harks back to the beginning of time while working within and against traditions that are both sacred and sexual.

Drawing the nude figure is an experience that is both necessary and profound.

Andy Cubi’s pays close attention to the attributes of color, pattern, and design giving structure to solitude by placing the lone figure in a geometrical configuration.

He blends his masterpieces with drama, romance and spirituality.

His female forms require a particular kind of sanguinity to see the importance of the figure as a subject matter in a time when many do not consider the human being as the crowning glory of art.

Andy Cubi has captured the collector’s hearts through his oil pastel paintings of women.

Known for his “Mother and Child” oil pastel paintings, his nude series has expressed the beauty of Filipina women.

Whether oils or pastels, Andy Cubi’s artworks share the same sparkle and poise, portraying the mood and personality of the female figure whose inner quintessence comes through in a quiet and endearing manner.

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