Dale Bagtas Collection

“Abstract Symbolism of Hope by Dale Bagtas”

by Jennifer Bichara

The dramatic, symbolic compositions of Dale Bagtas are borne of a rich convergence of interests, experiences and traditions. His extensive training from his artist father, Aris Bagtas, remains evident in his silhouettes and patterns of his abstraction with his bursts of compositions. His palette tends toward bold and subtle tones.

Dale’s abstracts are formed with designs taken from real things. Then, he subjects them with symbolism to give meaning or significance to the painting. The meaning varies as to each viewer’s experiences, and of course, to the artists which he portrays in these collection as an abstract symbolism of hope.

“Staircase as a symbol of journey”

The staircase is a strong, complicated visual symbol. Staircases often suggest a journey. Or, it can also refer to our sense of hierarchy and progress in life. That we are growing into our own self-confidence, experience and wisdom.

In Dale’s Bagtas abstract staircase, the stairs is ascending signifying a positive journey that is hopeful and purposeful. The bright but calming colours tells of straightforwardness—the steps that links and connects us together. It is a passageway in which unites two things, places, ideas, or states of being.

“Floor lamp as the guiding light”

The symbolic meaning of Dale’s Bagtas abstract floor lamp connotes a strong emotional and spiritual value—an illumination, guidance, hope, inspiration, enlightenment, reassurance and positive light. It is a symbol of the right path, right of way, and right course in any of your endeavors.

“Accent lights as the beacon of hope”

Light is one of the oldest and most meaningful symbols found in many cultures representing enlightenment, lifting of shadow, the acquisition of understanding and knowledge, and a positive force in one’s life – the light at the end of the tunnel suggesting coming to the end of a difficult time.
The painting may suggest that you are ready to accept or face reality. It refers to your consciousness. It also symbolizes spiritual clarification, hope, new ideas and visions.

“Wire chair as wanting communication”

The wire chair is a symbol representing seeking connection, holding things together, long lost relationships and new found bonds with friends and family, or communication. The painting could also be a metaphor for feeling “wired” and excited about something.

“The Radio as a desire to tune-in”

The radio symbolizes our awareness and intuition toward a particular situation representing messages from our subconscious connecting on an emotional and empathetic level.

“The Bulb as God giving light”

The bulb is a symbol of guiding light from God. There will no longer be any night of darkness in our lives. We will not have need of the light of a bulb nor the light of the sun, because the Lord God will illumine us; and God’s assistance will reign forever and ever.

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