Edu Perreras Collection

Edu Perreras

“A Proud Kapampangan Realist”

by Jennifer Bichara

Edu Perreras art is not meant to detach from the reality but gives the viewer the opposite experience – practically the opposite. His take on hyperrealism isn’t art that mimics photography. It’s art that inspires the senses of familiarity and surrealism in addition to appearing photo-like. They are impressions of something recognizable and familiar as you can see in his portrayal of the butterfly in this collection.

His paintings are done with elaborate care to the point of being naturally lifelike but in a surreal manner. Edu’s hyperrealist style centers on the emotional detail and the subjects while utilizing additional, often elusive, pictorial components to create the illusion of a reality.

Edu Perreras is a young, promising, self-taught Kapampangan artist who takes every chance to broaden his skills through books, workshops, and seminars. Edu was inspired by the masterpieces of various Filipino and Mexican artists and is guided by his older brother, Eliseo Perreras.

The youngest of four artistic brothers, Edu often desired subject is off culinary delight from Pampanga. His realistic depictions are so vivid that you could almost taste it! He paints mostly food subjects because he says, “I love to eat.”

Edu started painting using watercolour during his secondary education which he used as a medium in joining different art competitions. Subsequently, Edu developed his talent using acrylic focusing on realism and used oil to create his still life paintings. His current main interest is in hyperrealism and surrealism using oil as the main medium. This hyperreal artist also dabbled in acrylic abstraction.

Most of his masterpieces have been featured in various exhibits in Central Luzon and has received various honors and awards in different categories. At this moment, he’s sharing his knowledge and passion in visual arts through teaching in a private school at Angeles City, Pampanga.

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