Eric Perreras Collection

Eric Perreras

“Kapampangan Hyper-realist Contemporary Artist”

by Jennifer Bichara

Eric Perreras is a Filipino self-taught artist who began painting as a leisurely pursuit. His works are more on fantasy and futuristic vision of an idyllic Filipino society blazing deep within him and never mislaid such as the traditions, market, and harvesting sceneries—the Philippines as his most lucid memory because of its beautiful culture, the optimism, confidence, vitality and sense of pride, but also the innocence. His subjects depicting lives in rural areas, on the other hand, still value tradition even though life appears to be a struggle, but still many people are happy with their lives.

Currently, Eric Perreras is focusing on hyperrealism and Filipino contemporary arts since modernization persuades the generation at present. His deification in art will give the future generation a teaser of what really was – a fast vanishing way of life due to onset of innovation.

His insights are a depth of human mind that bring forth the world’s different dimensions and magnificence that he takes. Eric presents his canvasses as an alternate representation where everything is familiar and hyper-realistic influences of the past, the present and the possible. His approach centers on the complexity of the Filipino identity, which he illustrates in his technique consisting of layers of brushstrokes.

He used colour in all its folksy exuberance, plush charm, and social realistic representations as he drew his themes with a strong embodiment of a strong and unmoved national character of the Filipinos as seen on his water and acrylic works in these collection.

Angeles City, Pampanga has a strong appreciation for arts and culture and also boasts of its artful persona which is dependent on its artistic memalen—the Angeleños. Eric Perreras belongs to one of the award-winning Angeleño visual artists brothers; Eliseo, Eduardo, and Edu Perreras. These prize-winning brothers have painted Pampanga as they see it. With photo realistic images that capture the heady, delicious and sometimes violent depictions in our everyday lives.

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