Joshua Yvette Macuha Collection

Joshua Yvette Macuha

“Creative Parenting”

by Jennifer Bichara

Joshua Yvette Macuha is the art curator’s youngest daughter who pursued painting inspired by her parent’s passion for Filipino art. She is 11 years old and is currently in primary schooling. Joshua Yvette is presently mentored by Sam Galvez Lorenzo, artist and the gallery owner of Village Art Gallery. When Joshua Yvette Macuha painted the artwork “Landscape”, she was mentored by Lino Acacio, a master Filipino Artist from Batangas.

This page centers in creative parenting. An encouraging parent can definitely make a world of difference by supporting their children’s innate desire to learn and to express ideas. By being a mentor and a role model, this will help their children develop to their full potential.

Parents make a powerful bearing in what their kids learn and how they ruminate to spark their children’s creativity by encouraging curiosity. Using common everyday experiences to inspire new ideas. Building their confidence and using their art to spark conversations.

Nurturing creativeness won’t just increase your kid’s chances of becoming the next Monet. It will also give a positive impact on their development—mentally, socially, and emotionally. Children, who are able to experiment, make mistakes and are free to invent new ways of thinking; their curiosity will extend beyond the art room. Creating art may also boost children’s ability to observe and problem-solve in countless of ways. When children are encouraged to look at things in many ways and believe in their ideas, it gives them the confidence to express what they’re thinking.

Positive Impact into Helping Children Create

1) Communication – Painting helps children communicate in a different personal language. This is a great advantage for all children and mainly for those who have conditions with problems expressing themselves such as: shyness, autism, and other disabilities.

2) Art as Therapy – Painting is one form of stimuli of the creative mind which allows one to positively isolate from reality, which in then, provides a mental rest that lowers stress and generating relaxation and happiness feelings.

3) Self-Esteem – Painting is one form of activity that will help in achieving personal achievements, strengthen his or her individuality and improve self-confidence.

4) Art Appreciation – Painting and understanding of art will reflect and motivated by the works of others, which also allows us to be a receptor of this type of communication.

5) Fun – Painting has its benefits of good entertainment. Children will learn to laugh, socialize, acquire something new, feel inspired to finish what they start, appreciate nature and feel passion for something good.