Larry Carumba Collection

Larry Carumba “The Naturalist”

by Jennifer Bichara

The award winning Filipino artist, Larry Carumba, counts himself as a naturalist. Embedded in his works are his passion for nature with neat usage of colors and strokes resulting. To paintings that has the element of surprise with strong visuals and colors.

Naturalism describes an innate style which involves the representation of nature with the least possible distortion or interpretation. There is an eidetic quality to the best naturalistic paintings an eminence which requires a least amount of visual detail.

Like all comparable art styles, naturalism is influenced by the aesthetics and culture as well as the unavoidable subjectivism of the artist. But it’s a question of degree – after all, no painting can be 100% naturalist. The artist is bound to make tiny distortions to create his idea of the perfect natural picture. If an artist sets out with the clear aim of replicating nature, then a naturalist painting is the most likely outcome.

Naturalism is often confused with realism a true to life style of art which focuses on social realities and observable facts rather than the ideals and aesthetics.

Carumba started painting out of boredom. From a laid back life in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With no formal training, he dabbled on liquid paper erasers and colored markers as his first media. For three years, he said he studied the basics of drawing and painting. Until he saw an opportunity for him to break into the art scene via an on-the-spot painting contest launched by the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh.

He continues to draw inspiration from boredom and loneliness and transforms these emotions into work of art.

“The more I am problematic and depressed the more I am intense in grabbing the canvas, brush and paint. The subject that comes out is the product of my conversing with the brush. My inspiration is my family. I am away from home and I think of them most of the time. To give justice to my longing for them, I play with brush, canvas and colors,” said Larry Carumba.

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