Rene Robles Collection

Rene Robles

“Twenty-First Century Art: Assertionism”

by Jennifer Bichara

Rene Robles’ art has the power to assert, transform and transcend. This is the underlying principle of “Assertionism,” a growing art movement pioneered by internationally-renowned artist, Mr. Robles.

The art of Rene Robles is presented in a series of paintings with a unified theme and style cultivated by the artist through the years. Using vibrant and deep color palettes, Mr. Robles depicts blocks of colors that signify walls and partitions, geometry, haunting lines, and recurring everyday objects like light bulbs, chairs, and electric fan.

His work also highlights challenging visual perspectives that suggest a sense of reminiscence, melancholy and displacement.

Interminably creative and diligently inventive, his artworks bring new compositions of form and colour into rhythmic abstraction. Creating a dynamic exchange between the painting and observer, where the static, taken-for-granted characteristics of objects are removed, drawing in and fetching the viewer in playful and empirical ways. His paintings are a continuing exploration of Robles’ well-known iconography of commonplace subjects in order to stimulate the viewer’s mind.

“Assertionism” has made a significant contribution to contemporary art and aesthetics. It has injected a personal approach to realism highlighting the self in art.

This book “Twenty-First Century Art: Rene Robles Assertionism” provides the first comprehensive study on the development of this art movement in the USA and its steady following in Europe & Asia.

The hardbound is a reference volume with over 130 illustrations (54 in full color). It has easy-to-understand text by New York art historian and critic, Palmer Poroner. It has an excellent photography by the multi-awarded Heinz Otto. A section includes critique and description of 57 original Robles paintings & sculpture including translations in German & French. The works of other assertionists and art show footages also provide a visual account of this growing movement, the exhibitions & artist involved.

Rene Robles is a modernist Filipino painter who studied at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines where he was a “University Rector College Scholar” and recipient of the “University’s Gold Medal for Excellence.” He also studied in New York’s finest “National Academy of Design” and the “School of Fine Arts Students League.”

Mr. Robles has received various accolades whose works has appeared in galleries, collections and publications worldwide.

Rene Robles masterpieces have found their way into the collections of “His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain, King Khalid of Saudi Arabia, former United States President Bill Clinton, and Malcolm Forbes,” among the notables.

Mr. Robles founded the “Assertionism Art Center” and “Subic Art Institute and Gallery,” and is a resident artist of the “Subic Bay Freeport Zone.”