Ted Maddela Collection

Ted Maddela

“In Memoriam: Ted Maddela, a gifted Filipino artist who lived simply”

January 1969 – 2011

by Jennifer Bichara

Filipino artist Serafin “Ted” Bernardino Maddela was a soft-spoken and passionate person who lived simply. He was a disciplined painter who worked with acrylics, oils and pastels; and was largely self-taught.

The beautiful paintings Ted Maddela created will always be with us. He possessed an amazing and intuitive ability to perceive and understand his subjects of nature and still life. He created elaborate artworks with careful observation, patience, and artistry.

Some of Ted Maddela’s works appear deceptively simple, but they look that way to us because their principles underlie the beauty of nature that we often ignore. The physical harmony of his forms triggers a comparable feeling of synchronization in the viewer. His inspirations were leaves, flowers, trees and landscape which made his surrounding and daily life colourful and wonderful at the same time.

Beauty in terms of art refers to the collaboration between lines, color, texture, size, and shape that is pleasing to the senses. As an ideal concept, beauty equates to truth, love, reality, life, and rectitude.

Beauty in art is always related to meaning and sense. In this it shows parallel to the beauty of nature, the distinctive of which also applies to beauty in work of art. For example, flowers are beautiful as a flower. Flowers are meaningful as such; it is being created by God. They always have a significant place in the total structure of nature. Flowers have a definite purpose why they were created. Yet we should not define their meaning in a serviceable way. The solid meaningful truth of the flower in itself even if always open to all kinds of relationships with living creations, constitutes its beauty.

This is exactly what Ted Maddela has tried to do through his works of art. He wanted people to once again see the beauty of what God has created, which is around us all. It is his aim that people’s hearts will retain that soft spot that we should respect his creation; that we would love and protect this land, and have compassion for all of God’s creatures who dwell therein.

Unfortunately Ted passed away in 2011. Rest in Peace Ted Manddela. You were a rising visual artist who left us too soon.

Artist Statement

“I always appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature and our environment. To marvel at the beauty of a flower or wonder at a beautiful landscape makes me happy every time I see it. Leaves, flowers, trees and landscape makes our surrounding and daily life colourful and wonderful at the same time. That’s why it’s vivid but happy colours like green, red, yellow, blue and violet are shown in my compositions. I try to give life and meaning to these simple objects that are sometimes neglected and taken for granted by people. The joy if these beautiful but vibrant colours in my canvasses make the viewer remember how beautiful our world is and that these gifts from God must be loved and appreciated.”


  • 2008 – Grand Prize, On the Spot Group Mural, Painting Lions Club International, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • 2007 – Finalist, (AAP) Art Association of the Philippines Painting Contest
  • 2006 – Finalist, AAP-ECCA ( Exhibition Center for Contemporary Art)
  • 2006 – Semi-Annual Art Competition, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • 2006 – Philippine Representative, International Art Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • 2005 – Honorable Mention, AAP-NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts)
  • 2005 – On the Spot Sail Painting Competition Finalist, AAP-NCCA Sinning Gising
  • 2005 – On the Spot Painting Competition Baywalk, Roxas Blvd., Manila, Philippines
  • 2003 – Finalist, AAP-AMA – On the Spot Painting, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines