Vincent Gonzales Collection

Vincent Gonzales

“The Originator of Tareptepism”

by Jennifer Bichara

Another celebrated Filipino artist and brother of Sherwin Gonzales calls his style of painting “Tareptepism” in which they both coined after their native dialect “Tereptep,” meaning “ripple of water.”

Tareptepism is the dynamic art of merging influences. It is an art of fluid movement ever changing and evolving through the environment where the art and the artist abide. Like water it is ever pliable and incessant.

Tareptepism puts motion to visual exemplification of emotion and soul through manipulation of lights, colors, textures and lines.

Tareptepism, conflicting to another art movement futurism, is pro nature. Tareptepism compares to surrealism which is more on dream while Tareptepism is more on hallucination. It distinguishes to realism’s imperfection to Tareptepism’s inconsistency.

The waves, the wind, the streams, formation of leaves, ripples of water are some of the elements that inspired Tareptepism. It is an artifice of motion. Tareptepism captures motion from environment and the dynamism of emotion.

Painting as an Optical Illusion

The beautiful illusions in Gonzales’ paintings have a fun way of twisting your perception and causing you to question what in his paintings. The optical illusion of motion is what gives worthy paintings some bearing, postulated by Baler, Aurora’s self-taught visual artist, Vincent Gonzales.

He suggested to his elder brother Sherwin that they create an art movement based on this principle of optical illusion. As a truly indigenous Filipino art style was missing, Sherwin proposed giving it a Filipino name from the initial Illusionism or motionism as they coined to call it. Motionism is a movement of art dedicated to interpreting motion and the depiction of movement with special interest in velocity, mechanics, and motors.

The Inspiration to the Collection

“Dikasalarin, Baler Bay, and Buhok ng Birhen Pastel on Felt Paper”

Every Sunday, visual artist Gonzales and the Aurora Art Council travel for 30 minutes to a wooded area near a cove in Baler town in Aurora province to paint. They spend the whole day painting on canvas animals, fruits and vegetables endemic to Aurora and enjoy each other’s company and artworks.

Their place of junction is the Artists’ Village, which is located inside a 250-hectare forest along Dicasalarin Cove in Barangay (village) Zabali.

Dicasalarin Cove is a secret beach cove owned by the Angaras in Baler. Known for its white sand, awesome vista, and access to the Baler Lighthouse.

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